Precast concrete walls - 2020-06-09

Our precast concrete walls factory in Johannesburg south is now fully operational and we can now service our customers again on new precast concrete walls, precast concrete walls repairs and extensions.  We are open for business and you can expect the same qualtiy and service on you precast concrete walls as always. Our prices are still R51... more

Precast concrete walls during lockdown - 2020-05-06

At Alfa Exclusive Walls we can do repairs and maintenance to all types of precast walls during lockdown. We stock the biggsest range of precast concrete walls in Gauteng during lockdown and can therefore help wherever you are and whatever you need. Our repairs to precast concrete walls are very cost effective as we buy and sell bulk. We also do ext... more

Precast concrete walls - 2020-03-16

Are you looking for precast concrete walls? Alfa Exclusive Walls are the experts in precast concrete walls. We have been serving the precast concrete walls market for more than 45 years and there is nothing that we have not seen before. Because of our experience we can offer you the best deals and widest range of precast concrete walls in Gauteng. ... more

Cost of a brick wall - 2020-03-12

Cost of a brick wall in Gauteng will vary according to the specifications but is usually unaffordable to the man on the street. Instead of a brick wall you can look at a Brickcrete wall that will give you the same aesthetic quality of a brick wall at a fraction of the price of a brick wall. Brickcrete walls are usually installed much faster than a ... more

Cheap boundary walls - 2020-03-04

We manufacture cheap brick precast boundary walls. Our cheap brick precast boundary walls is made to look like real brick but at a cheap price. Our price for our brickcrete boundary walls is between half and a third of the price of a brick boundary wall. That is very cheap! In fact you will not find any cheaper boundary walls on the market. We also... more

Precast concrete walls - 2020-02-26

Precast concrete walls at Alfa Exclusive Walls. We manufacture and install precast concrete walls in Johannesburg. We have the widest range of precast concrete walls in Pretoria. We sell normal grey precast concrete walls, all 2 and 3  louver type precast concrete walls, Jumbo type precast concrete walls, Klinker type precast concrete walls an... more

Boundary fencing ideas - 2020-02-18

Boundary fencing ideas galore! At Alfa Exclusive Walls we have a lot of boundary fencing ideas. We manufacture and erect different types of precast fences for boundary walls. Our boundary fencing ideas will ensure that you close off your property with privacy and beauty. Our boundary fencing ideas are as follows:  Boundary fencing idea 1: P... more

Cost of a brick wall - 2020-02-12

What is the cost of a brick wall? Cost of a brick wall can be anything from R1500 to R3500 per running metre for 1,8m high. This cost of a brick wall is very high if you compare to our Brickcrete walls that starts from R550 p.m. up to R710 p.m. depemding on the type of colour you need. All our Brickcrete walls are double sided and as you can see th... more

Precast walls Alberton - 2020-02-03

We manufacture and erect precast walls-vibracrete in Alberton and surrounding areas. Our precast walls-vibracrete prices in Alberton offers the best value in Gauteng. We offer our clients the best quality precast walls- vibracrete- in Alberton at reasonable prices. We offer excellent service in and around Alberton. We also offer the widest range of... more

Precast Walls Johannesburg - 2020-01-29

Alfa Exclusive Walls Johannesburg have a new precast walls COO. We want to welcome Quinton van Niekerk to Alfa Exclusive Precast Walls Johannesburg. We hope you will find joy and meaning in your new position in the precast walls industry. Together we can bring precast walls privacy, security and beauty to our customers in Johannesburg. We know you ... more

Precast concrete walls - 2020-01-13

2020 Precast concrete walls in Johannesburg. The new year is here and we hope it will be a good year for precast concrete walls in Johannesburg. We want to say welcome all our Precast concrete walls erection teams and Factory workers workers back from a well deserved holiday from precast concrete walls. We hope that the new year will be a positi... more

Precast concrete walls - 2019-12-03

The precast concrete walling industry is closing in Dec for a well deserved break. At Alfa Exclusive walls our last precast concrete walling installation will be 12 Dec. We can still however help our customers looking for precast concrete walls from our branches in Pretoria as we still have openings there. Please note everything goes up in January ... more

Precast Walls - 2019-11-26

This last weeks welcome rain has fallen in Johannesburg and we are all very happy for the great waters that has fallen from the sky on Johannesburg. Luckely for our clients come shine or rain at Alfa Exclusive walls we will install your precast wall in Johannesburg on the date as promised. Other precast walling installers in Johannesburg will phone... more

Prefab vibracrete walls - 2019-11-11

At Alfa Exclusive walls Johannesburg our bookings on our low cost prefab vibracrete  walls are getting full for year end in Johannesburg. We are booked until 28 November on our prefab vibracrete wall installations in Johannesburg. However we work with other prefab vibracrete wall installers in Gauteng and can usually help our customers in Gaut... more

Stop nonsense rooms - 2019-11-04

At Alfa Exclusive walls we specialize in doing stop nonsense rooms. Our stop nonsense rooms are much cheaper than bricks and you can choose to let us build the walls for you or you can buy the stop nonsense room material and build the stop nonsense room yourself. A single stop nonsense room build with reject material can cost as little as R290... more

Prefab precast walls - 2019-10-28

Alfa Exclusive walls is gearing up for the year end Prefab precast concrete walling rush. We are approaching the end of the year and Prefab precast concrete walling industry is heating up as people would want their Prefab precast walling jobs done before year end. Alfa Exclusive walls have planned for this by building up our Prefab precast walling ... more

Alfa Exclusive Walls - 2019-10-22

At Alfa Exclusive precast walls we manufacture and erect the widest range of precast concrete walls and  stop nonsense vibracrete walls in Johannesburg, Lenasia and Alberton, Gauteng. All our precast concrete walling products will enhance the security and beauty of your property. We have vibracrete concrete precast wall manufacturing factories... more

Brickcrete precast concrete walls - 2019-10-15

Our Brickcrete precast concrete garden walls offer the same aesthetic qualities of a solid brick wall at a fraction of the price. Our Brickcrete concrete garden walls is a brick type precast wall that is made with concrete using only the best brick precast walling materials available. This is a very affordable brick type wall This brick precast con... more

Stop nonsense precast walling - 2019-10-10

Are you looking for Stop nonsense? Do you want a cheap room or house or maybe a perimeter fence? We sell all of the above and more! At Alfa Exclusive walls we give our customers the option of DIY or we can do the installation for you. We sell stop nonsense and we install stop nonsense. Alfa Exclusive are based in Eikenhof Johannesburg South. ... more

Precast concrete walls and fencing - 2019-09-23

Alfa Exclusive walls new precast concrete walling factory has been in operation for almost 2 months and we are fully booked  until the middle of October! We are the best priced concrete walling contractor with the widest variety of precast concrete walls in Johannesburg and there is no need to look any further if you have a precast concrete wa... more

Best prices for precast concrete walls(vibracrete walls) - 2019-09-10

Alfa Exclusive walls offers the best prices on concrete precast walls available in Johannesburg. Our precast concrete walling factory is based in Eikenhof Johannesburg South. We offer the best prices in Gauteng as we have vibracrete walling factories in Pretoria and in Johannesburg. We are currently selling precast concrete walls for R490 p.m. for ... more

DIY Precast Wall Extension - How to extend a precast wall. - 2019-09-03

See this nice right up about wall extensions. DIY precast concrete wall extensions vs we extend your precast wall for you Phone us today Alfred 082 560 5438   ... more

Precast concrete wall repairs - 2019-08-19

At Alfa Exclusive Walls there is no stop nonsense job to big or to small. We offer large and small precast walling erection teams anywhere in Johannesburg. On small jobs we usually have a minimum day charge for our precast walling service. However there is usually other precast concrete wall repairs on your wall needed that you may have missed. Whe... more

New precast concrete walls - 2019-08-11

At AlfaExclusive walls we want to welcome Alfred Nkosi  in our precast concrete stop nonsense family. He is joining our Senior management team as COO of Alfa Exclusive walls. Alfred has 10 years experience in the precast concrete stop nonsense walling field and we are very excited to have him on board. He is going to take Alfa Exclusive walls ... more

Concrete precast wall extensions - 2019-07-31

Alfa exclusive walls manufacture and erect precast concrete walls. Alfa Exclusive walls also do precast wall extensions. We specialize in precast wall extensions as people are extending their precast concrete walls for more security and privacy to their premises so that criminals can not gain access to their yards. Prices for precast wall extension... more

New precast concrete walling factory - 2019-07-26

Alfa Exclusive walls is a manufacturer and erector of precast concrete garden walls in Gauteng. Alfa Exclusive walls is a collaboration between Alfa Concrete walls that is in operation for more than 35 years and Exclusive walls that is in operation for 20 years. Alfa Concrete walls is in operation for almost 40 years and sets the benchmark for prec... more

Alfa concrete walls precast walling website - 2018-12-04 ... more

Precast Walls Price - 2018-11-22

  Alfa Concrete Walls do palisade fencing in the east rand, west rand and Pretoria. Our precast walls our lower in cost than clear view fence. And a precast wall can be repaired, when damaged. We do installations in the east rand like Boksburg, Benoni and Kempton Park. Palisade fencing prices.     Our stop nonsense wall... more